Jenny Gooding

Jenny Gooding from Kennedy Business Solutions

Jenny is our expert on decision-making and behaviour patterns. She started her career at Lloyds Bank and Banc Boston where she gained considerable insight into the operation of portfolio companies and how key strategic decisions were made. The experience fueled her interest in the dynamics of personal interactions and their impact on group decision-making.

She qualified through Action Profilers International in Decision-making Methodology and trained in Movement Analysis. She later went on to study the assessment of human behaviours and is certified through the British Psychological Society.

Her considerable experience in objectively assessing senior management decision-making, and its effect on the performance of individuals and teams, is perhaps second to none in the UK today. She highlights strengths, pinpoints success inhibitors and recommends strategies to overcome them. This has been used to great effect in optimising personal performance and helping teams to operate with the cohesion and effectiveness necessary to achieve their corporate goals.

        “I have known and worked with Sherril for many years and I never hesitate to put her in front of my clients.
        She is very comfortable (and very good) in dealing with teams of executives and Boards. She also has very good diagnostic instincts and capabilities.

        Jean Pousson, Finance and Strategy Trainer

        “Sherril is an outstanding OD practitioner. The task she took on with me and my colleagues in a major public sector organisation was quite daunting but she tackled it with total confidence and carried it through to a highly successful conclusion. She is a one-woman poster-person for the arts and science of OD and a pleasure to work with. I can whole-heartedly recommend her as offering powerful direction and support for top teams and HR departments who want to achieve transformational change in their organisation.

        Mike Emmott, Associate adviser at Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

        Sherril undertook an Organisational Review of an organisation on whose Board of Directors I have served for several years. She worked closely with the Executive team and Board during several months developing a Governance & Strategic Framework clearly identifying Purpose, Priorities & Objectives as well as critical success factors. As a consequence, the Board and Executive have a clearer focus, work more effectively, and provide clear and consistent leadership.

        Sherril has a remarkable capability to get everyone engaged, involved and contributing to the process. She is a clear thinker and very focused as well as highly analytical. She is a pleasure to work with and a true team builder and leader.

        Eva Wisemark, Owner of Optima Management (IOM) Ltd

        “Sherril provided highly valuable insights into the senior management of my company and assisted in the successful restructuring of the whole organisation.

        David Wertheim, Chairman at Arts Aid

        “Sherril is a highly skilled development professional. She works very successfully with complex teams and individuals, working in high-pressure areas where relationships and achievement were critical. Her work is challenging, but the outcomes are both impressive and long-lasting.

        Zoe Van Zwanenberg

        I had the recent pleasure of working with Sherril on an Executive Coaching, Board Development and Change Programme, working with the Executive and Board Directors of DHU Health Care. Sherril very quickly assesses the issues and main drivers for effective change and quickly gets to work in providing tools, experience and recommendations based on underpinning knowledge and academic resources. Sherril has the ability to work with the participants to understand the root causes, analyse the findings and guide colleagues into a new way of working and thinking. Sherril successfully removed red tape and complex processes and provided a framework for effective decision making, responsibility matrices as well as designing a more succinct Board Reporting structure. I would highly recommend Sherril in supporting with Board Development, Executive Coaching and Organisational Design and Development.

        Lisa Wallis, Executive Director of HR & O.D. Derbyshire Health United

        Thank you for the summary and the session, it was really enjoyable. I picked up some reflective moments and certainly an approach to factor into Board behaviour and their own preferences and styles that once smartly considered will improve their collective performance. The session was the right amount of time. The interactive chat worked well, and allowed us to get involved and share and you picked up our questions – made it feel more personal across the screen.

        Karen Malone, Deputy CEO (Governance), Department of Health and Social Care, Isle of Man Government

        “When we were faced with extremely tight timescales, Kennedy were able to design an organisation structure and detailed role profiles for all staff within a remarkably short period. The result was robust, comprehensive, and helped us change our whole approach to providing client-focused services.

        Taroub Zahran, Director of Organisational Development, Glasgow Housing Association

        “Kennedy developed the model that enables us to tackle a key issue - the prevention and control of infection and communicable disease. The model details how each person in the healthcare system contributes to preventing and controlling infection and provides the tangible measures by which we can monitor our success in tackling this issue. The innovative and professional approach taken proved to be great value for money, and was undertaken at remarkable speed.

        Mary Henry, Nurse Consultant, Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health